rules & FAQ

  • Kill Race Scoring:
        1st Place = 15pts
        2nd Place = 10pts
        3rd Place = 7pts
        4th Place = 5pts
        5th Place = 3pts
        6th Place = 1pt
                Kills = 1pt

  • All participants must be at least 13 years of age to register for competitions with Meta Squad Gaming. By entering, you confirm that you have received consent from your parent/guardian. Failure to receive proper consent by persons under the age of 18 MAY result in the disqualification of yourself, your teammates and a forfeiture of any eligible prizes. 
  • Each player must have a minimum of 300 BR games played on their account
  • Player's must have their accounts publicly available for viewing on
  • It is the responsibility of the player to ensure their team meets the KD (kill/death ratio) requirements for any given tournament.
  • Tournament Registration closes 1 hour before check-in
  • Check-in channel opens 30 minutes prior to event start time. 
  • Games must be started before the tournament's end time. This means you must be loading into the game 1 minute before the designated tournament's ending time. If it is close, and you are unsure if the match will count, you can play it out if you choose. However, match start times will be audited using COD 
    └» I.E. For a tournament ending at 7:00PM. If the time stamp on says 6:59 the game will count. If the time stamp reads 7:00PM the game will not count.
  • Meta Squad Gaming processes payments through Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle. Meta Squad Gaming is not responsible for additional costs associated with sending/processing your payment (e.g; fees for sending payment outside the US) and those fees will be deducted from any winnings prior to sending payment.
    TECHNICAL ISSUES -- Players and teams that encounter technical issues are not eligible for refunds. Technical issues include, but are not limited to: power outages, internet service outages/interruptions, poor weather, broken equipment, server outages, or interruptions, and in game bugs or glitches.

  •  Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming platforms are accepted.
  • All teams must have at least 1 person streaming.
  • A player from your team that is streaming MUST BE the PARTY HOST and MUST SHOW GEOLOCATION + Crossplay Enabled on stream.
  • In the event that your stream is disconnected: Upon starting your new stream you must again show geographical location, task manager, and that Crossplay is enabled.
  • PC players with 1.75KD or greater are required to stream and MUST SHOW their task manager on stream (scrolling slowly, to make all running/background processes visible for recording).
  • No camera is required
  • A microphone IS required on stream
  • Archive mode MUST be turned on, meaning the stream is saved and publicly viewable
  • No covering your mini map, players names, or loadout with your camera
  • Stream title MUST follow the template: #Metasquadgaming [ Tournament Name ] + [ Team Name ]
              └» Example: #Metasquadgaming New Year's Frag Fest + Bot Lobby Kings
  • Your stream can not start earlier than tournament check-in. If you are already streaming, you must stop and start a new stream.

  • We take cheating very seriously. Tournament efficacy is our #1 priority
  • Cheating, as determined by Meta Squad Gaming in our sole discretion, will result in an immediate DQ and/or potential player ban.
  • Players that are DQ for any reason are not eligible for payouts or refunds.
  • Meta Squad Gaming is under no obligation to provide proof of cheating to players banned or Disqualified.
  • Disqualification and Bannable offenses INCLUDE, but are NOT LIMITED TO:
           └»Hacking of any sort (Walls, Aimbots, Etc...)
               -Lobby Dodging - Using COD Companion, Overwolf etc.
               -Controller scripting
               -Reverse boosting, 
               -Alt. accounts (smurfing)
               -playing on someone else's account or having another person play on your account
               -not meeting stream title requirements
               -having another company or tournament name in your stream title